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    Frequently Asked Questions

    How long is a guided tour?

    The guided tours on Thursdays last 1.5 hours. A business tour can take longer, so we can answer all the questions in detail.

    Can we get an appointment other than Thursday?

    An appointment for a business tour can be arranged individually.

    What is the minimum and maximum amount of people for a guided tour?

    The maximum amount of people is 25. At a guided tour on Thursday, the minimum is 5 people.

    How do we reach the TU Wien Pilot Factory by public transport?

    U2 terminal Seestadt and then a 5-minute walk.

    Are there any parking lots available on sight?

    A parking lot is right in front of the Pilot Factory.

    1220 VIENNA

    The TU Wien Pilot Factory is located in the Smart City Seestadt Aspern. There, it operates as a nucleus for innovation, embedded into the techonoly center Seestadt. Midst technology-focused businesses, university spin-offs and start ups, many cooperations were able to develop.